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The picturesque city of Santa Barbara is located on the coastline of California nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Whether you are looking to stay in a beautiful hotel, bed and breakfast or a secret hideaway, Santa Barbara has it all. Your stay at any of the beautiful resort hotels is sure to leave you pampered to your heart’s content. During your visit to Santa Barbara you and your special someone or family will enjoy scenic drives on the coast, delicious restaurants, pristine beaches, museums, historical sites, parks and much more!

Find a Hotel in Santa Barbara
By now you have probably imagined yourself enjoying relaxing on the pristine beaches, shopping and exploring the quaint city of Santa Barbara. Your next step is to find a hotel that suits your needs. You will find that Santa Barbara is able to provide you with a variety of different experiences when it comes to their hotels and hideaways. They have exquisite hotels, bed and breakfasts, spa vacation rentals, delightful neighborhood resorts, RV camping hotels and much more! You can find the best deals for hotels and hideaways in Santa Barbara by visiting: www.GoTravelShop.com today!

Accommodations and Amenities
If you choose to stay in a bed and breakfast the service is attentive and one-on-one. Popular Santa Barbara hotels and resorts offer a variety of top-notch services and amenities provided by friendly staff. Either way you are sure to receive professional, caring service at the hotel, bed and breakfast or private hideaway of your choice. General accommodations and amenities in hotels located throughout Santa Barbara include:
• Air conditioning
• Satellite television
• State of the art gym
• In room bar
• In room safe
• Hairdryer
• Complimentary wireless internet connection
• 24 hour room service
• Swimming pool
• Wheelchair access
• Laundry Service
• Daily housekeeping
• Complimentary breakfast
• Tea/coffee in hotel lobby
• 24-hour front desk service
• Restaurant in the hotel
• High-quality bed linens

Oceanside Hotels
Since Santa Barbara is located on the beautiful coast of California you can be assured that there are plenty of beachside resorts to choose from. You will find the most spectacular and affordable resorts that provide a picturesque view from your hotel room. Imagine ending your day captivated by the exquisite colors of the sunset as you watch the sun disappear behind the mountains. You can find a hotel in Santa Barbara that will offer this amazing experience every evening of your stay.

Whether you are planning ahead, or looking for late hotel deals to book a relaxing trip to reduce stress, enjoy a family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway, Santa Barbara is the perfect place for you! Allow the friendly and helpful staff of the many hotels to make all of your vacation dreams true today! You can begin your journey to an amazing beachside getaway vacation in Santa Barbara by visiting: www.GoTravelShop.com

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